Planetary Gearbox

Planetary gearboxes, also known as planetary gearboxes, are commonly used gear units in drive technology. As an integral part of automatic transmission applications, planetary components are versatile. Essentially, the output shaft and the input shaft have the exact center of rotation.

Tips for Selecting a Planetary Gearbox

Properties to Look for

The backlash, torque density and ratio required will depend on the type of application you are creating.


Choose a planetary gearbox with an appropriate housing type to avoid dirt, dust and moisture from entering the gearbox and damaging internal components.


Always check the space available in your application – the good news is that you can always choose a smaller planetary gearbox to fit your application. Contact an expert for the right size planetary gearbox to ensure your application works as required.

Production with High Precision and Quality Control

Working Principle of Planetary Gearbox

Planetary gearboxes are an important mechanical engineering technology used in various applications. It is a compact, robust and efficient design. The main principle of operation is to fix one point and other points as input and output.
It works with the sun gear, ring gear, and carrier. These three components rotate simultaneously to produce speed and torque increases. There are several variations of the basic design.

A planetary gearbox is an example of a stepped planetary gear design. Leonardo da Vinci first introduced it in 1490.

There are three types of planetary gearboxes, each with a different design and torque-to-weight ratio. They range from a maximum of 10:1 to a minimum of 3:1. The ratio is determined by the number of teeth in each gear.
Depending on the speed requirements of the application, planetary reducers can distribute the load of the gear train around a central axis. The benefits include higher efficiency, higher power density and higher transmittable torque.
This gear train is especially suitable for applications that need to be fast. Some examples of these applications include bicycles, cranes and watches. In order to obtain the desired torque, the gear train must be properly designed.

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Where is the Planetary Gearbox Usually Used (in the Transmission)?

Where are planetary gearboxes usually used (in transmission):

  • Adding Torque in Robots
  • Reduce the speed of the cylinders in the printing press
  • For precise positioning
  • In packaging machines for renewable products
Planetary Gearbox

Advantages of Planetary Gearboxes

A planetary gearbox is an advanced gear arrangement designed to distribute torque efficiently and reliably. It is used in a wide variety of industrial applications including forestry, automotive transmissions, truck transmissions, debarking equipment, pulp washers and steel mills.
In a planetary gearbox, the input coupling is connected at the center of the output shaft. It is then surrounded by the sun gear which revolves around the planetary assembly. The load from the sun gear is then distributed to several planet gears.
Planetary gearboxes have a higher output torque than parallel shaft gearboxes. It can be combined with low power motors to increase efficiency. Thanks to its cylindrical gearbox structure, it can be installed in any space.
Planetary gears are known for their robustness and high ratio potential. It can handle higher overhang loads and has higher power density. Therefore, it is very suitable for unique applications.

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Planetary Gearbox Features

A planetary gearbox is a gearbox with a unique design. It has low mass inertia, high torque and compact size. These characteristics make planetary gearboxes suitable for many applications. They are used in machine tools, construction equipment, electric vehicles, and more.

The main feature of a planetary gearbox is that it has a high transmission ratio. This ratio is determined by the number of teeth in the ring gear and planet gears. In addition, it has a low noise level.
There are many manufacturers of planetary gearboxes. Each has its unique characteristics. 

Another great benefit of planetary gearboxes is lubricants. Lubricants keep the gears running smoothly, reduce vibration, and aid in cooling.
The planetary gearbox has a small structure and is more convenient to install. Some planetary gearboxes are equipped with sliding parts. All of these features help reduce installation costs and improve maintenance.

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